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  • Rafia Sultana

    Title of Course:

    Perform Lathe Operations

    NOMINAL HOURS: 50 Hours

    Course Summary:

    This unit covers the knowledge, skill, and attitude required to set up and turn workpieces to drawing specifications. It includes Face and turns external shapes (radii, cones), Multi-start external v-thread cutting, Cutting inside taper using taper turning attachment or offset tailstock and compound method, turning internal thread.

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    Practice Materials for the Lathe Job symbol
    • Multi-start external v-thread cutting
    • taper turning
    • turning internal thread
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    Learning Outcome:

    • Identify how to perform the multi-start external v-thread cutting.

    • Identify how to perform a taper turning operation.

    • Identify how to perform turning internal thread operation.


    Rafia Sultana

  • PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Drawings,cutting tolls,work piece

  • Lathe Accessories

    Lathe Accessories by Rafia Sultana

  • Measuring Tools

  • Lathe Operations

    1.Multi-start external v-thread cutting

    External Threads Formulas


    1. Major Diameter: Given On Print (if it is a         machine screw #0-14 SEE NOTE 1A).

    2. Pitch: 1/number of threads per inch.
    3. Flat: pitch/8.

    4. Compound Movement: .75(pitch).

    5. Single Thread Height: .75(pitch) (cosine 30     degree's).

    6. Pitch Diameter: major diameter -   single thread height.


    Thread Cutting Procedure on Lathe Machine - mech4study

    2.Face and turn external shapes (radii, cones) operation

    3.Cutting inside taper using taper turning attachment

    or offset tailstock and compound method:

    Taper Turning Formulas


    • When the feed is given to the tool, its cut at an angle to the axis of the workpiece produces a taper.
    1. You can calculate the set over the length with the formula:
    2. S=L*(D-d)/2l, l: taper length, L: total job length, d: smaller diameter, D: larger diameter.

    4. Turning internal thread

    How to Cut an Internal Thread:
    1. Centering with a punch and then drill a core hole with the twist drill.
    2. Use the 90°countersink to countersink into the core hole and make a chamfer.
    3. Put the tap into a tap wrench and turn it into the core hole to cut the thread.

  • Course evaluarion